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Surcharges may apply in the following circumstances:

  • Urgent deadline or work during the weekend

  • Handwritten or PDF/Powerpoint source text

Discounts may apply in the following circumstances:

  • Repetitions

Translation      |      Transcreation      |      Proofreading

from English to French (France)

Food, Drink & Culinary

Fitness & Nutrition

Tourism & Hospitality

• Promotional & marketing content  • Food packagings  • Food products and dietary supplements nutritional labels (EU and French standards)  • Certifications of food products   • Business & industry presentations  • Articles on exercise, fitness & nutrition  • Product descriptions  • Restaurant menus  • Food magazines  • Cookbooks

• Websites  • Booking/Hotel websites  • Travel agency websites  • Mobile apps  • Traveller information  • Tourism brochures & guidebooks  • Promotional & marketing content


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